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How did you become a photographer…your journey, so to say?

That’s such a long and possibly boring story lol…

My father bought me my first camera (polaroid) when I was 11 years old. I took a photography class in high school and had dreams of becoming a fashion photographer, living solo in NYC loft>>>>> fast forward past the hustle of life, denied acceptance into NYC art schools (shall remain nameless), to 2010, a husband and 3 kids later and newly natural…I started taking pics of my family, like EVERYDAY. Seriously. And then I got to thinking, I still have time to make this my reality. I just needed to find my place. 

So I went back to “school” so to speak. Not in the literal sense, but when I have time, I make it a point to learn something new via YouTube, Kelby Training, Creative Live or just asking fellow photogs questions. I networked, got inspired, etc. 

One weekend I met up with a new acquaintance to tag along on their photo shoot. Raffi of Carveli Studios and Gayna were working together on a shoot with Padricka of Naturalista Cosmetics. Some would call it ironic that I had just started trying out this product called Juicy by Naturalista Cosmectics, and now there was a post in my newsfeed about a photo shoot that was about to happen…not I! I believe in Divine intervention and 6 degrees of separation (you never know who knows who). I did what I always do…I saw an opportunity to network and I reached for it. Showed up to the shoot (early as hell) excited to meet Padricka Noorfleet (inspired by her audacity to create, market, and sell her own hair care product) and I just wanted to be in the presence of another entrepreneur and maybe chat it up. I wanted to know about her. About natural hair. About products and how to use them properly. I was so curious about her day to day ups and downs as an entrepreneur I guess you could say we hit it off and she could see my sincerity in wanting to know more and document what has now come to be known as a movement (natural hair). She shared some information with me in regards to this natural hair event coming up (Natural is Not a Fad) and told me to contact Pamela Jenkins …so I did.

This began the “marriage” of her profession to the natural hair community!

After reaching out to Pamela Jenkins via email and offering to document her event for free, she welcomed me with open arms. And ever since she’s been a MAJOR source of inspiration for me, supported me, mentored me in business and told me to stop doing things for FREE J. Her event I guess you could say changed everything for me. I was SOOOOO inspired by the presence of the panel (damn, Aevin Dougas, Natural Selection, …..) the vendors and their amazing products and services, the ATTENDEES, omg all this GORGEOUS-untamed-this-is-normal-not-a-fad natural hair was the biggest inspiration of all. I knew that I was in the presence of women that were literally making history. And someone had to document it. And that someone has to be me.

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