Tiffany Josephs Photography (the sequel)


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Some photographers love to shoot weddings because they love to see love. I love to document history in the making. I love getting out in the world and showing others what I just witnessed. I do have a dream of seeing my name credited underneath an ICONIC image related to this natural hair movement in a history book someday. How awesome would that be!

 Are you able to do photography full time and if not, how do you manage your passion while working a day job?

I guess you could say I’m a part time photographer, and I say that because I’m always doing something photography related daily. It never stops. Whether I’m editing, watching videos to learn something new, or finding new inspiration, I’m always about photography. I used to ask other photogs, “How did you get so good so fast?”  Overnight it seemed! And they all said the same thing, SHOOT. Shoot all the time, nonstop. I found that to be very depressing, because here I am, 30 (at the time), with 2 infants and a toddler oh and two years into my marriage…who has time to just shoot?! But that’s what worked for them and I had to take their advice and add a few modifications to fit my life.

S/o K-rish, Dfinney, Micheal Overton, Sasha Hollaway, and my unk. I’m a FULL TIME 24/7 stay at home mommy. I have a 3 year old and twin 2 year olds; and YES it’s as hard as it sounds lol. But I love’em and I don’t think I would be natural, authentic, or a photographer if it wasn’t for their presence in my life.

Share a bit about your preferred styles, regimen, and/or staple products.

Ummmm yea, I’m natural. Since 2011. I chuckle because I’ve tried doing the twist outs, etc. But I have two little girls with heads full of hair like a target baby models…it takes forever to wash, detangle, and braid their hair… needless to say I no longer have an interest in twist outs and other fancy styles and would prefer to loc it up. Product wise, I’m a junkie so I have tried almost everything, and yes there are some great products out there (something that will work for everyone) but that Koils By Nature Leave-in Conditioner is like the new “creamy crack.” For real. Glides on, detangles in seconds and I can’t stop talking about the foam shampoo!  My girls HATE getting their hair washed and would scream bloody mary when I would try to rinse the suds out…but not with that KBN foam shampoo J rinses FAST and clean. I’m so in love.

Other info about Tiffany Josephs Photography…

I’m currently working on projects with Pryce Latty, TBD, Erin Martin, and of course on going with KBN and my “cousin” Alex Butler.  (Stay tuned!)

“All truths must be lived not just believed. Being authentic means listening within to hear the truths that lay awaiting our discovery beyond the inner chatter of day-to-day living. Then once these truths are discovered, to bring them to life by living them through conscious action. It is through action not thought that one becomes authentic.” ~unknown

Over this last year I have been Blessed with some amazing opportunities/life experiences, that would have never been apart of my story if I sat by watching everyone else (wishing and talking) making HERSTORY/ HISTORY. Do what you can, when you can and be CONSISTENT! And if you fall off, get back on! Never be AFRAID to fall out the SKY.

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