Forever Natural Tees


April Rashad is the owner and creative voice behind “April Rashad Design” and  “Forever Natural Tees.”  She graduated from the University of Maryland College Park, with a degree in studio art and a concentration in graphic design.

After working in the graphic design field for a several years, she decided to become a freelance graphic designer and start a t-shirt line for the natural hair community. Thus, “Forever Natural Tees” was born.

This company is collaboration between her love of art, design, fashion and her natural ability to encourage and inspire people. Forever Natural Tees’ mission is to share genuine and authentic messages that empower women in the natural hair community to celebrate individuality, self-love and style.


Her designs are drawn by hand in her sketch books because she wants everything she creates to be genuine and authentic. She believes that it’s very important to be true to one’s self which means, embracing your flaws, uniqueness, strengths, talents, etc.

Her designs represent the essence of natural hair which is untamed, individualistic, genuine and authentic. She wants people to love who they are and be themselves, especially girls who wear their hair natural.

We are all eclectic, beautiful, bold, brave, passionate, funky, fun, intelligent, sophisticated, edgy, and unique in our own way.

All of her designs are an illustration of that. They are also minimalistic, timeless, and can be worn with practically anything.


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