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TeresaJenee is a softhearted rebel in the minds of family and friends.

She’s energetic with a passion for music like none other.


Though I follow TeresaJenee on twitter and facebook to keep up with where she’ll be performing and whom she’s working with, I asked her what she’s been working on recently as to inform you guys, the readers! “I’ve been working on balance. It’s been difficult these past few years to manage my personal and artist life. This almost brought my music to a stop. So I’ve been working on me. My music is an extension of me…and if I ain’t right, my music won’t be either.”


Teresa finds motivation in everything! “I know my friends are annoyed by how I’ll make a song from anything! My pleasure and my pain is what you hear mostly…emotion is something I struggle with in real life, so my uncomfortable feelings will bleed out in my songs.”

God is a main factor in her music. Her family would actually rather that she sing gospel. But she sees her purpose in the secular world and is still able to get the message across that all things are possible through Christ. This is clear as you listen to tracks such as Suicide Revenge where she sings, “When life gets so hard for me to bear, I bear it!” She sings about keepin’ on even when others doubt you. She tells those haters to watch God do it in the midst of them telling her she can’t do big things. “I won’t say that some subjects are off-limits due to my faith, because I do feel like believers need to stop fronting so much. [That being said] the Lord has definitely helped me write a few songs from my last album and I hope he jumps in on this one as well!”

I’m still very happy jamming to her 2009 release but was elated to hear a new album is on the way. “Just like The Ecklectic, [you can] expect a little bit of everything!” She’s currently working with Urban Legendz, as well as Blake Symphony and Wildmann. “And my great friend slash producer from waaaaaaaay back, Doe Equilknokz.” This group alone proves we can expect great things from her next release.

Fans can keep up with TeresaJenee on her website TeresaJenee.com/. More social pages are listed below and you can even subscribe to her newsletter. She finally adds, “…oh and tweet me! @teresajenee.” She tweets back, people!



TeresaJenee hopes her family, friends, and fans see that she’s serious about her craft. “I live for music.” Listening to upbeat and uplifting tracks like Freedom and Sunday along with encouraging songs reminding you to keep on keepin’ on like Tortoise vs. Hare, I for one can tell TeresaJenee is focused on making quality music with substance and meaning while getting you on your feet, feeling the groove. If this inspires you to get out there and show off your singing ability then get started now with the right equipment to propel your voice with clarity and power to your audience.






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