Happily Ever Natural


My name is Michelle. I’m 27 years old from Chicago, IL. Founder of www.happilyevernatural.com and I love everything about NATURAL HAIR!!


My mother relaxed my hair at a very young age because she simply could not deal with it.

 I was a long term transitioner from 2009-2011, I simply did not want to do the big chop! Going natural was the best decision I ever made.

 [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndMMfjUbmgw’]

The natural hair community has helped me so much! My advice to any new naturals is to go to social media. There is a youtube video for everything!! Also to be patient, because you are not going to have curlynikki’s hair from day one!! It takes time but don’t give up. The end result will be worth the wait!! The natural hair community has been very welcoming and I have made new Curlfriends!!

Michelle Bridges