Style Diary: Paris


In November of 2012 I made a promise to myself that any and all things blocking my growth had to GO. Thus, chopping my permed ends after an 11 month transition marked the beginning of an incredible journey. 

I decided that I would no longer subject my mane to things it couldn’t benefit from; my hair literally stopped reacting to the chemicals. What I didn’t anticipate was my newfound natural glory bringing about a tremendous evolution. The girl who would habitually retreat to the corner of the room suddenly began to feel content thriving in the midst of all the action.

I became comfortable with being beautiful. Embracing my natural hair allowed me to embrace my natural beauty from within. I fell in love with myself more and more by the day, which is why to date I can honestly say that going natural was one of the best decisions i’ve made thus far. 

The best advice I could give any young woman today would be to live your life with the conviction that all things done with diligence, passion & love will flourish infinitely. After all, it all starts from within.

Peace & blessings, and until next time Curlfriends.

Title: Freelance Writer
From: North Chicago, IL
Instagram: _ParisMonique

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