Hair Gets Kinky


I meet so many fab women making moves in my scrolling of Instagram and the twittah 🙂 I just had to feature yet another one I’ve enjoyed following on the World Wide Web. Jess of blogs, vlogs, and posts pics of fly jewelry and hair styles. I asked her to share a bit about herself with my readers!


I got my last relaxer thirteen years ago, the summer before I started eighth grade. I wanted “bone straight” hair like Aaliyah’s and my hair was not responding to relaxers in a way that made that look possible. I also experienced slight breakage. The fear of losing my hair combined with the burning sensation of relaxers – since I couldn’t stop scratching my scalp – was enough for me to call it quits. Back then it wasn’t called “going natural” yet. It was called “Girl, you don’t have a perm?!!!!!!” 

I didn’t really learn the best way to care for my hair until college when I started researching hair care online and experimenting with products other than the ones I grew up using. College was also the first time in my life that I heard people telling me that they loved my hair. It was amazing and super encouraging. 

Now, my regimen is pretty simple. I shampoo and condition once a week and deep condition every other wash. I wear a lot of twist-outs but I spent this last summer in Marley twists and braids. I also love a good bun. I’m low maintenance with my hair so anything that helps me manipulate it less is a great look for me! 

I’ve been writing since I was really young so started as just a general blog with a totally different name where I wrote about whatever I felt like. A few friends suggested that I start answering hair questions on my blog and then the hair posts just took over my blog! I gave in and officially started! 

Planning posts ahead of time really helps me consistently put out content. I usually spend my Sunday afternoons prepping for the week, but really there are a lot of late nights involved with maintaining my blog AND handling jewelry orders. Power naps are my friend!

I love connecting with other women. Love it. I’ve met so many talented, inspiring women over the past few years and made a handful of amazing friends I know I’ll be in contact with for years to come. We’re all just sharing our experiences and encouraging one another. Hair is just a beginning platform that is creating opportunities for us to connect on a grander, deeper level.   

Jess and I at the Black Hair Kitchen Expo in DC.

There is so much information floating around and countless opinions to weed through. At the end of the day, do what makes you happy with your hair. Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing.

Love YOUR hair. Learn YOUR hair. 

Twitter/Instagram: HGKWW

**The Africa earrings were purchased from Jess**