Get financially empowered


My Start-and My Rant…

How crazy is it that one weekend I was shooting my summer 2013 line for Vent Tees and the following Monday I immediately lost all interest. As I reflect back I vaguely remember thinking to myself that the Natural hair t-shirt industry was slowly but surely becoming saturated; however, I continued to push forward. My drive was no longer there and quite honestly it became a business consisting of just something to do.

The immediate vision of Financial Empowerment became crystal clear. How can I help cure the fear that women face when their desires are dependent upon a number? How can I help women to better understand that life is more about love than luxury? How can I help them to understand that the avoidance of the state of our finances does not make it disappear? How can I help…was in constant rotation in my mind (actually it still is). I often wonder if anyone understands how many people live in poverty on a daily basis, how many are a paycheck away from homeless, and how many are suffering in silence?

All bets were off, I knew that I wanted to continue my quest of being an entrepreneur. There were no signs or thoughts of quitting my 9-5 (I love my job—and I don’t believe in the metaphor that J.O.B means just over broke). I am grateful and blessed for the opportunities that it brings. I also knew that the core of who I am was being a giver. The state of finances of others keeps me up at night (I’m not sure why). Yeah, yeah, I recognize that people choose to be where they are financially, I am also fully aware that there are individuals that did not make the choice of being laid off, and there are some that play this game called life the right way and with a boost of confidence combined with motivation a life full of financial balance is right around the corner. Judge and be judged right? (For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Matthew 7:2)

What I know for sure-

We compare, we compete, we can’t avoid the commercials, boutiques are screaming our names, we follow trends, and we have become a microwavable, gotta’ have it now society. Restaurants are slowly replacing grocery stores, our credit scores are in a down spiral, our homes are being foreclosed on, our children can’t eat, and we can barely afford to fill our tanks with gas. Forget the state of the economy-when our households exude a dry well. I’m not sure that I was tired of watching this unfold. Actually, I think that reality shows began to make me wonder how anyone could really believe that this was the reality we live in. We beg for what we want and have to plead for what we need.

In short, I can’t stop, I’m addicted to the cure of contentment (understanding when enough is enough), and knee deep in researching why we do what we do as a community, society, state to state and globally. What am I here for? To help.

See you at the beginning and at the end of this journey.

Marsha Barnes is the Founder and Owner of Financial Empowerment which is a non-profit financial literacy firm dedicated to women, young adults, and children. Marsha resides in Charlotte, NC.