Style Diaries: Danae


I started my natural hair journey precisely two and a half years ago. It all started when I saw the movie “good hair” and my entire outlook on natural hair changed. My mother started putting chemicals in my hair when I was four, so essentially almost my whole life. I did not know what the natural texture of my hair was (besides new growth). 

For the majority of my childhood and teenage years, my mother took care of my hair and it was long and “healthy” in my eyes but it really wasn’t! Over the years I began to dye and process my hair excessively and put the flat iron to it nearly every day. It seemed that I always had to clip my ends because they were always split and frayed.

Then that day I saw Chris Rock’s movie, I got my mother to cut my hair. My hair was so short I couldn’t even put it into a ponytail! I immediately started to regret my decision to do the big chop. I was depressed and felt ugly. For a whole year I did nothing but slick my hair back with some hair gel and in essence went into hiding lol. Not too long after I decided to straighten my hair and to my surprise my hair grew nearly 7 inches! I then discovered kinky curly and started to rock my tiny curly fro! I got so many compliments and I embraced it!

Since then my hair has grown back, and is longer than it was when I cut it two years ago. I still love straight hair but try not to straighten it as much. And when I do I only use one form of heat. I love being natural now and when I have kids I will never ever process their hair! I’m also an artist and now most of my paintings are empowering natural and black beauty! 🙂

Instagram: danae_chandani

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