Style Diaries: Myisha


My name is Myisha and I am the owner of the online boutique

My journey to natural hair is really not that dramatic. I have always had a lot of hair, so going natural for me wasn’t about growing my hair. I choose to go natural because of all things… I enjoy swimming. I hated that every time I wanted to go swimming, my relaxed hair was an obstacle. 

Even with that, I still didn’t go natural right away. It happened by accident. At one point I was wearing weaves and wigs back to back for months. This allowed me to go without relaxers. Finally after one of my take downs, I said… I think I will try and go natural. 

I transitioned for over a year and have been natural (including transition) for almost 4 years. It was the best choice I could have made. I am so in love with my hair even when it doesn’t act right! 


One thing I have learned in the journey is that my hair is mine and I can’t expect it to act/look like anyone else’s. It was very hard for me at first to find some natural hair inspirations because I couldn’t find anyone whose hair came even close to mine. So I made the choice to be my own. After a while I started seeing a few ladies with hair similar to mine.

 My best advice is to learn your hair.


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