Dear bald spot… 3


…you’re not welcomed here!!!

These photos were taken during November 2012 and talk about pure devastation!! Yes, this was in a spot that I could easily cover up…BUT a bald spot!?!? No woman wants to deal with that. I feared the worst. I thought maybe it would remain this way forever or even worse, spread into a larger-than-I-can-cover section.



The cause:

-Rough detangling when getting braids by an unprofessional stylist.

-A quiet stylee who should’ve spoken up or walked out.

I could feel my hair being tugged and pulled to its limits. At one point, my left eye was tearing up uncontrollably because of how hard the braider was pulling my hair! I thought I detangled enough before arriving, but with kinky strands, detangling without the use of heat to keep hair stretched means your tresses may shrink at least a little over the course of a night. And perhaps that’s what happened.





-Daily usage of castor oil

-Careful styling/avoidance of hair dye

My hair is still several different lengths in that area, but the situation is being rectified! In the future, I’ll never allow someone doing my hair to go all willy-nilly with their comb and hands of steel. I will speak my mind and I will also do more research on who I allow to play stylist for the day. The Yelper in me gave the braid shop a not-so-happy review.


3 thoughts on “Dear bald spot…

  • Tiff

    I too had a thin/next to bald spot…dead center of my head (I know you remember). Rectified when I stopped getting relaxers. One of the main reasons why I’m trying my best to stay natural.

  • Lisa

    Wow! Came here to play catch up on your blog and saw this post. I didn’t know this happened to you. Ugh! My crown is my least healthy spot on my head because of the texture, detangling and accidentally leaving a mini twist in a time or two and then shampooing so it turns into knots… and then breakage. 🙁 I have to remember to rub castor oil in it so thanks for the tip. I’m getting Nubian twists in a couple of weeks and I don’t want none of this happening! lol

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