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I’ve known this fly girl since my college days. Even then, blogger Kim’s style had me in awe! It’s only matured as the decade passed and I’m happy to share her blog and style with my readers!

“As a child I was definitely fashionable. My mother and grandmother kept me in the latest children’s trends! I had everything from the one-piece jumpers that looked like bathing suits, to the cream corduroy shorts to wear with my funky tights in the winter! When I got a little older, I definitely had my tomboy stage. Being an athlete growing up, all I wore was basketball shorts, sweat pants, baggy jeans, and gym shoes. So needless to say I had my share of fashion faux pas. As a teenager I really started to develop my style. That was the time in my life I was trying to figure out who I was, and what my style was going to say about me. I’ve always been trendy and daring with my style. I’m willing to try anything once if it makes sense. As I got older, I really started to develop a love for vintage classic piece. I felt like those articles of clothing had a story, much like myself. So in a nutshell, I’ve always had a great sense of style, it just got better over time!”



“To be honest, [I started my blog because] I got tired of people asking me where I shop, or how did I come up with certain looks…

I got tired of my friends texting me pictures asking me, ‘is this cute?’ LOL…

I have always been good with people and sharing my insight on fashion, being that I was in retail for years. I thought it was just time. It’s something I’ve been planning to do for about 4 years now, and just kept putting it off. So I decided, it’s either now or never. I’ve been having a blast ever since!”

“I was doing my research on different opportunities bloggers have these days, and I stumbled across the Lucky Community. Lucky is one of my favorite magazines when you talk about finding affordable style. I love how they give the everyday working woman the opportunity to share their style and beauty secrets with the masses! I decided to apply and see where the opportunity could lead! My goal is to become an editor’s favorite! Once that happens, the sky is the limit for Posh and Popular! I think Lucky Community gives woman like myself that are passionate about style and fashion an opportunity to live their passion out loud!” 


Check out more of Kim’s classic and edgy style… Chic and stylish but not too trendy…consider it Glamorous Chic!




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