Style Diaries: Joanne


Hello my name is Joanne Parker and my natural hair journey started in 2009. I started this journey because my hair was breaking off and thinning out and I knew I had to do something fast. After discussing my options with my hair stylist, we decided to quit putting chemicals in my hair and for me to go natural.

I was not brave enough at that time to do the big chop; so I decided to transition. I started to wear sewn in weave and kept it in for a whole year with maybe a week or 2 in between the new sew-ins. I slowly cut out the relaxed hair. After that year was over, I began to wear my natural hair out in so many styles and my hair was the healthiest it had been in a very long time. It was much fuller and stronger!

After about another year, I made two bad decisions. One was that I switched hair stylist and the other was being convinced to try the Brazilian blow out. After ignoring the warning from my best friend, I went ahead and got it done.  I regret to say that she was right! My hair became a lifeless, damaged mess. I tried to wait it out but my hair was not the same so I did the big chop and started re-growing my natural hair again.

After about a year and a half, I actually missed my TWA so I big chopped again and was loving how easy and quick it was to style and maintain my hair.  As expected, I got the negative glares and remarks about how crazy I was to cut my hair so short. The upside of it was that I did get a few positive comments and that was a great feeling! I am currently 8 and a half months into my latest big chop and my hair is growing nicely!

Since I am active duty military and workout 5 to 6 times a week, it is more beneficial for me to keep my hair in protective styles, whether it is twisted up some kind of way or covered with a wig. When I want a break from that I will wear a twist out or the infamous puff! I do not regret going natural and actually it was one of the best decisions that I made for my hair.

My motivation to go natural was the health of my hair. Some people still do not accept the natural look and feel the only way to be beautiful is to have long, silky hair and I am here to prove along with the other beautiful natural women that, that is a lie! Natural hair is beautiful whether it is kinky, curly, or a combination of the two. I wear my hair with confidence and love the versatility of it and would not change it for anyone! I am also blessed that my husband and my son also see the beauty in my hair and they love it as well.

So for all the ladies out there that are on the fence and feeling paranoid about what others may think about your natural hair, ignore their ignorance and hold your head high as you rock what the Lord as blessed you with “ A head full of Beautiful, Kinky, Curly hair.”

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