The Cassie Brown Project Tees


The t-shirt idea was inspired by a real life experience and conversation that I had with a girlfriend. I was totally venting about a whack dating experience. After all of my venting, I realized that I had many reasons to be angry. However, in this instance I decided that I would not be angry by this or past experiences, I literally blurted the thought out and it was the most liberating thing I could have proclaimed. “I ain’t (yes I said, I ain’t lol) mad, I’m free” from that nonsense. At that point I realized I wanted to share that message with other women who could identify. I figured tee shirts with the statement was a great way to share the message with other women. Eventually, it was evident that this statement could mean so many things for so many people and it needed more than a tee shirt, so I created the blog. I have wanted to create statement tee shirts for some years now and finally did, starting with the CBP Liberated Tees. Taking steps to make my tee shirt vision a reality was liberating in itself.  

I plan to continue creating statement tee shirts that express empowerment and freedom. I have been asked by a few organizations to consider customizing the current tee shirt to match their organization’s colors. By Spring 2014, I plan to expand the tee shirt line with one to two more designs. However, it is important to me that I produce meaningful messages and quality products, that really speak to the wearer of the shirts. Long term, I also want to create statement tees for brown men and children.


Cassandra Vincent, The Cassie Brown Project


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