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Why I joined the movement.

I decided to join the [natural hair] movement because I feel there is a need for more transparency around the issues we face as brown women and girls. There is a lot of talking AT black women, telling us what we should do to obtain this or that. Mainstream attention seems to also be on the rise around issues among black women that has made our experiences more entertainment and exploitation rather than celebrating us. On the other hand, I also love the exploding “self-love, be your natural self, my black is beautiful” conversation that is also taking place and growing daily. That is the conversation that I am inspired by and want to inspire others with.

On my blog, I share the awesomeness that I see around me daily, nuggets of inspiration from women who I know and those I meet, and in my weekly posts I find ways to share a bit of inspiration and humor from my personal experiences as well as keep my readers excited about the people in their community.



My interpretation is that it is one’s personal journey to own their freedom from anything that opposes their true purpose. I believe that brown women and girls need to take special care to embrace and own their personal freedom. Freedom in the emotional, mental, and spiritual areas of their lives. Those areas for each woman and girl is in fact, I believe, a personal journey. There are expectations and even some false perceptions that brown women and girls face, that are just not cool. My message is to be LIBERATED! The concept for one of my taglines, “I’m Not Angry, I’m Liberated” is dispelling the myth that sisters are angry. While we absolutely have the right to express that emotion along with any other emotion we choose, because we are human, I am encouraging us to not stay in that state. As brown women we have the right to feel every and any emotion that anyone else does. We have the right to express ourselves the way we choose without being held to some unequal standard that others may not be held to. The key is to learn and grow from that place of discontent.


The very thought, [Not angry, I’m Liberated] came from my personal experiences with dating and various experiences I have faced in the workplace. Goodness, I wanted to be angry, I was very disappointed, yet I realized nothing would come of staying upset about my experiences. I also realized that there are other awesome black women experiencing some of the same things in [dating, their careers, being ‘accepted’ socially and by society, and in other ways,] as me. As a result, “NOT ANGRY, I’M LIBERATED” was born. I am spreading the message and encouraging women and girls to accept and own their personal freedom. There are so many avenues and such a need to be personally liberated from ill ideas and mindsets that we sometimes create for ourselves as well as those that others impose. It is my desire to share my journey, to relate to other women, and to engage this necessary dialogue.

My Goal for The Cassie Brown Project. 

The Cassie Brown Project is a growing venture. So it is and will be comprised of various collaborative works. The project is an extension of my love for people, my need to creatively express myself, and to share and celebrate others. My short term goal for the project is to complete my guidebook for teen girls and have it published by next year. Long-term vision includes building partnerships to share the teen girls guidebook on a local and national level, continue expanding readership of the blog, and continue growing my platform to be a voice to encourage women and girls to live a liberated life.

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