Everyone could use inspiration at some point in their life about something, right? New-to-the-scene blogger, KenyaGoneNatural, plans to do just that with her focus of hair, life, and relationships.

In this post, she shares her reasons for going natural several years ago.

It’s about time 🙂

I got my first relaxer in the sixth grade, not because my mom could not manage my hair, but in our family wearing your hair free and straight was a rite of passage.  Letting go of barrettes and ponytails signified that I was going to middle school, and was making the transition to preteen.

Over time, straight hair became the norm for me.  Having relaxed hair was a vicious cycle of growth and breakage.  I can remember feeling great about getting a little length and leaving the beauty shop feeling like a cruel joke had been played on me because “trimmed ends” always turned into a full blown haircut.  My hair had zero body and zero life….things that I assumed were normal because I didn’t have “good hair”.

My turning point was in college, I was ready to do something different.  I transitioned for 4 months in my sophomore year.  At that time I was unaware of the resources on how to manage my hair and majority of the people I knew were not natural.  The dorm I lived in did not have air conditioning.  Instead of embracing my texture I continued to flat iron just as I had done with a relaxer, and I wasn’t that great of a flat ironer.

I made the decision to get a relaxer because I had a new boo and I did not want to be the “nappy headed” chic when being introduced to his family (sad, but true).  So I ran out and got my favorite jar of creamy crack, Hawaiian Silky.

Finally, in 2009 my hair could not take it anymore.  My hair needed an intervention.  My hair was no longer responsive to relaxers and the crown of my hair had broken off and was about two inches long. I had to make a serious decision. Was I going to continue to torture my mane or start over? I received my last relaxer in May 2009.

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