This is probably no big deal to most of you but I have a THICK head of hair. I never thought I’d be able to bun without first blow drying my hair. Even when washing my hair and sectioning it off to condition, a solitary ponytail is not an option. It takes too much manpower to gather it all into one place, so for time sake, I always have 2-4 sections. And while I never was much of a ponytail girl, it’d be nice to have choices. I’d love for bun-life to be a choice I can make. 🙂

It started with a braid out that I just wasn’t ready to wash. (Watch that video here.)

To further stretch my hair, I braided it in two fat braids overnight.

To gather these thick strands, I pulled sections of my hair taut to the crown of my head until I had all of it. I was able to wear this bun for a few days without manipulating it whatsoever.

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