Big Chopping for a Greater Cause


Saleemah of Hydratherma Naturals shared, “The hubs and I had a ball doing my big chop earlier today! I really appreciate him. Many asked why I cut my hair. I’m donating my hair to #LocksOfLove I pray that they can make a kinky wig for a cancer patient who needs it! Love y’all! #naturalhair #naturalhairjourney

This was such a selfless act. To some, hair is no big deal. But many women feel good about themselves when their hair is done nicely. So to give a woman a chance to have a beautiful head of kinky curly hair will definitely make her day brighter.

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One response to “Big Chopping for a Greater Cause”

  1. RJ Avatar

    thats a beautiful thing you did for another human being! God Bless you.