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I was never someone who thought that she would ever be rocking her natural hair. I always thought my natural hair texture was “nappy”. I always thought it would be something cool to do if I had “good hair” but since I didn’t consider my own hair to be “good”, I thought I would always have a relaxer.

In 2005 I graduated from college. All throughout college I had a very short (relaxed) style, I decided to buy a wig for my graduation day so that I could have a longer hair look. This was the start of 6 years of wearing wigs. Sometimes I would switch up and get braids but I never really let my hair show. I really like the versatility that wigs offer. But after over 5 years of wearing wigs off and on, my real hair didn’t really get much of a chance to breathe. I stopped relaxing it a long time ago because I didn’t see the sense in relaxing my hair when it was never out. So I have actually been natural for years.

Also, during this time, 2008 to be exact, I started my weight loss journey.  Over the course of a year, I started eating right and exercising and started a love affair with exercise! One reason I kept the wigs, besides liking the versatility, was because I work out much. There would be no way I could keep a relaxed style without sweating it out.

Just this year, April 1, 2011 (my birthday) I decided that I was finally ready to “go natural”. Like I said, I had been natural for years but no one really knew because of the wigs, and to be honest I hadn’t really been taking good care of my real hair. I had been playing with the idea of going natural for a while. Seeing a lot of other women in person, on the Internet, and some celebrities doing it was helpful.  But I’ve never been one to follow a “fad” so I had to wait and make the decision if I really wanted to do it. On my birthday I decided to give it a try. I went to a barbershop and got “The BIG Chop” just so I could start all over again. I loved the look! My family loved it! I actually to this day haven’t gotten any negative reaction to it.  I get compliments all the time.

So now it’s been 7 months, my hair is healthier than it’s been in a long time, I can easily exercise every morning and not worry about my hair getting too sweaty because I can just wash it or wet it, put some product on it and go! It’s easy for me! And I think the healthy living (healthy food & exercise) has helped with the hair growth because my hair has grown and continues to grow a lot! I’ve experienced with coloring my hair since going natural, I’ve gone from dark brown to red to almost blonde back to brown and now black. I’m not one of those naturals who thinks coloring my hair doesn’t make me natural. I think as long as I’m not changing my natural hair texture, I’m good. Also, I’ve learned to appreciate my texture. I’ve found that it’s not “nappy” at all, actually my head is full of tight spiral CURLS, and I’m no longer a fan of the word “nappy” anymore or “good hair”.

Overall it’s been a great experience for me and I truly plan on staying natural for the rest of my life!


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  1. Donata Joseph Avatar

    Great Job, the hair looks great and I know you’re excited about dropping the pounds. I’m starting this journey again and this time I plan to stick to it. Thanks for the encouragement :-).