I don’t have a winter regimen


…BUT if I did…

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ4wvabhuAU’]

1. Avoid humectants if possible – it can pull moisture from your hair in a colder, dryer atmosphere.

2. Use more shea butter and other butter products to coat my strands.

3. Deep condition and use hot oil treatments regularly.

4. Less manipulation in the form of washing my hair less and twisting more.

*honorable mention that I forgot to mention in the video* For the sake of my skin’s overall health, I force more water down my throat and even sleep with a humidifier so my skin will hopefully not be as dry. I’m sure this helps my scalp to not be as dry in the winter months.


Products I use more of in the winter include:

Elasta QP



Qhemet Biologics


Lace Naturals


Please do share any winter hair tips below! 🙂




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