Style Diaries: Valerie


I’m Valerie Craddock and I’m a 25 year old stay at home mom who loves to make YouTube videos!

I started my natural hair journey August 16, 2012 when I decided to BIG CHOP after transitioning for 4 months!

I made the decision to go natural because I started to fall in love with my roots between relaxers. I had been relaxed since… forever! Literately, I have no memory of me with my natural hair until I big chopped. My husband was also a huge motivator for me. He is all for natural hair.

My natural hair journey has had it’s shares of ups and downs! However, I have grown to love my thick, kinky hair and everything she brings. From the stares, to the frizz, to the “your hair is beautiful,” I enjoy my wash and go’s the most mainly because my hair turns into a massive fluffy fro! I’ve also grown to love twist outs on dry hair vs wet hair.  My hair is “free” most of the time but every now and then I go with a faux bun or other protective style. My go to hairstyle will defiantly have to be my high puff! It never fails!

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