Candace Cort started Noihsaf Naturals because it was a way to stay motivated on her natural hair journey.

“I have been natural since ’06 but about two years ago I decided to go get a trim at the hair salon and came out with a big chop and over 70% of my length was GONE, VANISHED! Needless to say I was upset because I was not was NOT prepared for it. I was shocked. I went home and cried like a baby, I didn’t ask for it my hair dresser got scissors happy. Anyway I said all that because I was hurt and over being natural and just wanted to give up. Nothing I put on looked good on me; nothing made me smile.   And that’s where the first saying came into my head: No lye I like it kinky.  It made me blush and laugh at the same time.  I figured it will do the same for lots of girls. My [current] signature saying, ‘Being natural is not just a hair style, it’s a lifestyle,’ was what kept me away from the perm.  And that’s how it started.”



“My biggest joy, I must say, is seeing people read my shirts, blush, smile, and have that ‘Oh no you didn’t!’ look on their face. I love seeing the reactions. It makes my day.”



“Being an entrepreneur is [all about] knowing that not every event will be successful in terms of making money. But the connections and the networking are priceless and very rewarding.”



“If you have a business idea, go out and do it. TRY!!! If it doesn’t work, the fact that you put yourself out there shows strength and that you believe in yourself. Do some research and know that you may not be the only one with that idea, but you can OWN IT.”



Candace C. Cort, Founder & CEO

Noihsaf Naturals




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