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Our company was a company before we even knew we had a company. We started over three years ago in our kitchen mixing and melting various Essential oils, Carrier Oils and all Natural Butters. Using what mother nature herself has provided us with to address the needs of our newly natural hair. The need to replace and maintain moisture, the need to have a harmonious balance between protein and moisture and the need for manageability to prevent breakage.
Now here we are sharing our wonderful obsession & creations that we have perfected over the years. Explore our butters, oils, and shampoo as you go through your own natural hair journey. We welcome you to AnuNaturals. Join our blog for discussion, tips and more!


This is our LCO (liquid cream oil) # 2 Kit. This kit is a spin off from the original LCO kit. Its purpose is to provide lasting moisture using the liquid cream oil method for moisturizing and sealing. The LCO # 2 incorporates our 3c’s Carrot duo which includes Carrot Lotion and Carrot Sealing Oil. Our 3c’s products all contain Castor Oil, Chamomile and Carrot Seed Oil. These ingredients are excellent for protecting hair from dryness especially in colder weather. Our 3c’s line is made especially for the colder weather. The liquid portion is the original Just Water which is an amazing oil free Natural Moisturizer. It contains amazing conditioning properties that will leave your hair refreshed and very moisturized. AnuNaturals take pride in our LCO Kits because Liquid Cream and Oil was always my way of moisturizing. We are definitely trying to spread the word on these amazing products.


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