Style Diaries: C-Aaliyah


My name is C-Aaliyah (suh-lee-yuh), but some people call me CC. I was born and raised in Seattle, WA, the rainy city.

I grew up getting relaxers. I didn’t even think of becoming natural until being introduced to natural hair youtube videos. My first big chop was 4.14.2012, but I made a mistake of using a texturizer for loosened curls which made my hair fall out. 🙁

6.14.2013 is my new big chop date and over the months as it has grown. I have became more infatuated with my hair. I love being natural! I feel like it commands everyone’s attention and I love when people stare or ask questions about it.


Lately I have been wearing a more defined look. I’ve ventured off to using different hair products that allow my curl pattern to be shown, and soon I want to try doing twist outs.

You can find me on Instragram.


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