Bring Back Our Daughters


I am overwhelmed by the thought of what is taking place in Nigeria. School-age girls, who were called back to school to take an exam, were abducted by a militant group called Boko Haram (translates to: Western education is a sin). The discussion on social media spans from those speaking out to the Nigerian government to take action, to those angered that Americans are getting so involved in the situation. Children are children, are children. If it were your daughter, your sister, your aunt, your cousin, or even YOU would you not want people all over the world bringing attention to the travesty? The attention should be solely focused on letting the world know over 200 girls have been kidnapped and maybe even sold into marriage and that their government needs to exhaust all possibilities in returning them to their family. Read more here. Follow the discussion with the hashtags #bringbackourgirls and #bringbackourdaughters.

Pictured in St. Louis with Aisha Hamilton, organizer of a rally in support of finding the missing girls

Attend a rally, say a prayer, post a link…do what you can for the sake of these young girls lives. Get involved.