Nigerian Hippie


“The importance of my business is to produce well made, custom clothing and to also give woman the option to customize what they purchase in a way to fit who they are.”

“I got started when I was 16. My mother purchased a brand new sewing machine. She never used it. And one day she showed me how to use the machine and I took my clothes that I didn’t wear anymore, cut and created new pieces that I would want to wear again.”

“I used to hate going out and seeing someone in the same thing I bought, so I used to wear a lot of custom clothing that I had designed myself. Then I started making my own, so that all woman have the option to customize whatever they buy with me, not only in the length and size of the measurements, but in the color and print as well. Shopping with me, you will never have to worry about who wore it best.”






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  1. Petite Diva Avatar

    I love the bold and beautiful patterns! Really nice dresses