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I must, must, must get better with posting to

Soon and very soon, I will!!

Anywho I had some ask what I did to my hair a couple week’s ago while attending my sister’s graduation.


I’d washed my hair earlier in the week but I only puffed it for a few days. By the week’s end, it was in need of styling! I spritzed it with water and added the products shown below (Lacenatural and coconut oil). 

Killer shoes by Jessica Simpson…and I do mean killer…my feet were throbbing after a few hours!

Pants, tank, and sweater: Forever 21

Envelope purse: thrift store

I really should do a vid of this because I made about 15 twists; but to help them stay semi-tight, I braided the tips. Then I pinned it up for a day or two. The definition was AHHmazing and my hair is still super soft (I don’t usually reapply product).


I slept with it pineappled up. I’m surprising myself with this one because I always thought this wouldn’t work. I used a band to hold my hair up, then wrapped a scarf around it.

However, the next morning, I liked it so much that I just kept it up!

Hey Brooklyn (the dog looking fierce in my background:).


So if you want to do larger twists to save time, consider braiding the tips so the twist doesn’t unravel too much.


Oh and here’s another example of pineappling. If you have tried this before or give it a try after reading, do share your pics or holla with a comment on my Facebook page!

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