Dr. Maya Angelou’s impact on the youth


The teacher in me loved reading my friend’s touching story about her daughter, Aislinn. I’m always moved when children are moved by people I wouldn’t expect to reach them. I sometimes forget that not all kids are all about the superficial entertainers n such that are ever so present. Some teachers and parents are taking kids beyond the present moment and into a moment in history where great leaders inspired and encouraged our nation. This is not completely extinct, but it definitely is not an ongoing visual presence either. I salute the teachers and parents who are exposing the youth to such leaders as Dr. Maya Angelou! Keep it up 🙂

Here is her story:

When I told her this morning that Maya Angelou passed, she cried. “I read so much about her; I feel like I know her.” I encouraged her to carry on her legacy and to deliver today in a way that would honor her life. Coincidence that Aislinn would present this very icon of a woman on the same day of her death? I don’t think so at all.

Aislinn has spent the last month researching Dr. Maya Angelou. She wrote her first research paper, created a brochure, and ever so eloquently presented Dr. Angelou today in her class’s living wax musuem.

“Whether singing, writing, or speaking, she used her words to make the world a kinder and more peaceful place.” This is the lesson Aislinn has learned from the life and love of Maya Angelou.

Talk about impact… Her legacy lives.

May Dr. Maya Angelou’s words continue to impact the children of today!