Good Lookn Out names top bloggers (and I’m on the list!)


Marie Young of Good Lookn Out writes, “Any natural knows that life wouldn’t seem, in any sense, normal unless you had your bookmarked list of online natural hair bloggers at your fingertips. They help you through those natural hair “moments” you probably have at least once a week. Yes ladies, you’re not alone. I have those moments too!

Most don’t realize the true scope of a natural hair blogger. These natural gems are the “Superwomen” of the natural hair world. Why? Well, how many times have they completely SAVED YOUR LIFE???? I know for me, I’d have to count on a couple sets of hands. You?

These women provide an invaluable service to our naps (yes I called them naps and anyone who don’t like it can FLUFF OFF hehehehe), which ultimately add to that extra “UMPH” you feel after you’ve successfully completed a natural hair tutorial and you’re ready to hit the streets!”


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One response to “Good Lookn Out names top bloggers (and I’m on the list!)”

  1. Marie Young Avatar

    Sure did make the list girly! Proud to have you there too!