Nature Box Review


By the time this post goes live, I’ll have ordered my second box. I enjoyed the first set of selections so much that I am keeping it going at least one more month.

*I was not paid to give this review…I purchased this item with my own money and these are my honest thoughts*

I was given an extra package of one item (Harvest Rice Snacks). Not sure why, but not complaining of course!

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Breakdown: $19.95 includes 5 snacks and shipping and handling

Can’t beat that! Or heck, maybe you can. But it if saves me from going to the grocery store and gives me a chance to eat snacks I wouldn’t have tried before, then why not give it a try for a few months!

They have a broad selection so it wasn’t hard for me to find 5 items (hence the additional snacks purchased)! I paid $3 for the additional items. Here is what I’ve tasted so far.

Harvest Rice Sticks: taste similar to wheat thins or perhaps the bread sticks in trail mix

Mango Orange Fruit Chews: verrrrry orangey, little mango; I liked that they’re individually packaged

Bruschetta Pretzel Pops: loved the hint of tomato seasoning, but the other spices were overpowering

French Vanilla Almond Granola: LOOOOVE this taste! Great blend of vanilla and almonds

Cranberry Almond Bites: not a fan of rice cakes but this had a subtle sweetness

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