Kriss Mincey


Why Kriss Mincey??

A fun personality mixed with approachability will go far with fans when you’re in the music industry. These two, mixed with an awesome talent drew me to Kriss Mincey, a singer, writer, and self-proclaimed ARTtrepreneur.


I spoke with Kriss about life and music. She learned a lot about her self as a young adult, after completing her college career. “When I first moved out, I did an exercise where I compared what made me ‘valuable’ as in what I could produce, versus why I’m appreciated as a person. It was an eye-opening experience.” Kriss involved her friends and family who stated she was “warm, empathetic, funny, and perceptive…” but also, “self-critical, judgmental, and an over-thinker.”

Kriss stated, “I’d never promise anyone that I’ll have the right answer every time, or even half the time. But what is undeniable about me is my will to be comfortable with myself in each of those moods, and unapologetically so. I’ve come to understand myself and others as anything but black-and-white. It’s always the grey matter, the awkward in-between-ness, that matters most.”

Kriss considers her genre alternative RnB; a more eclectic version of RnB with “fuzz” on it.

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Her faded coif is delightful and suits her well! “Products that helped me along the way, as well, were VitaPoint and Lisa Rachel’s co-wash–both effective and affordable products. The day I got it cut was the night of the Lupe Fiasco concert at Ritchie Coliseum in College Park, MD. I’ve kept it short since then.”

Side note: You may recognize her from American Idol.

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