Style Diaries: Jenna Marie Christian


My name is Jenna Marie Christian. I’m 31 years old and I’m from Chicago, Illinois.

My natural journey has had a slew of ups and downs, but I’ve been hanging in there faithfully since 2005 when I big chopped. My initial plan was to transition. At the time my hair was in such poor condition that all the work to try and maintain the relaxed & natural together wasn’t difficult and not worth the effort for me. I rocked my Teeny Weeny Afro (using that brown ampro gel…don’t judge me).. Lol

As my hair begin to grow I didn’t know what to do with it. There weren’t as many natural sites, blogs and vlogs at this time to guide one through. So I started blowing it straight to maintain. In my mind as long as I wasn’t using a relaxer my hair should stay fairly healthy right? Wrong! :/ I’d never heard of heat damage in all my days. So long story short, I had to do another drastic cut.

After that I decided that I would fall back on the heat and learn to manage my natural texture. Man was that a challenge. A lot of money spent on overpriced products. A lot of bad hair days trying to find styles and methods that work for me. All while trying to get used to seeing myself with natural/big hair. It was definitely a lot of trial and error. There were moments that I contemplated relaxing again. However I’m glad that I never did. I’ve learned to appreciate and see the beauty in myself and my hair just the way that I am. I love my big head, big heart, big smile, and my big hair. 🙂

Jennifer Marie Christian
Miss Illinois Black Globe 2013
Miss United States Empire Empress 2014
Twitter: @1JenniferMarieC

Also follow: @ROCKitConvo on IG and Twitter

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