Need to fancy-up your TWA?


Regardless of the texture of your hair, don’t get into a tizzy over what to do with your it for formal events. Recently, a Facebook friend asked for suggestions for her TWA (teeny weeny afro) for a formal event the following weekend. Sometimes women think they need to straighten their tresses or wear a wig, but your natural coif can pull off the look you’re going for just fine. Bring your confidence and enjoy the night!


Viola Davis comes to mind first when I think of celebs on the red carpet sporting a TWA. I dare you to say she doesn’t look great!



Or you can spice it up with something sparkly or jeweled.

Still not sold on an idea? Pin it to the side, roll n tuck to form a new style, or throw it in a bun. And if you can’t achieve it, weave it!