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Hello, my name is Britnee Williams and I am the creator & “Master Crocheter” of Le Soleil Crochet. As a lover of the sun and all things bright and beautiful, I had to come up with a name that best fits me and what I love. “Le Soleil” is French for “Sun” or “Sunshine”. Add ‘Crochet’ to the end and it just stuck!

I grew up watching my mother crochet immaculate and such detailed crocheted baby blankets. At the age of 12 or so, I picked up my first crochet needle and used one of my mom’s leftover balls of yarn. A few knots, tangles and single-stitches later, my first potholder was made! The excitement that I completed something so new was so rewarding that I made two more to give to my grandmas!

I call myself a “DIY Junkie” because I can’t get enough of creating beautiful things from scratch. I tend to have my hands in a few different projects at a time. Years passed and other hobbies like painting and jewelry-making sort of took over the whole crochet bug I once had. That is, until my good friend called one day saying how she just scored an amazing deal on crochet needles and yarn while yard-salin’ earlier that day. With no hesitation I told her to come over ASAP!

After watching a few YouTube videos on crocheting, I was able to dust off my skills (thankfully!) and it all seemed to come so natural. It’s like a light switch was turned on and I suddenly remembered all the tricks and techniques my mom once taught me. A day and a half passed and I finally finish my first top. Woah, can you say ‘hot mess’?! Now I know we tend to be our own worst critic, but I knew I had some work to do!

The following day I went to my local Michael’s Arts & Crafts store and got some nice soft and shiny yarn with the perfect size needle to give me the results I was looking for! Now, I never learned how to read a crochet pattern so trying to read one was like trying to read a language I was not used to. All the abbreviations drove me crazy! I went with the flow and based it off the free-hand top I made the previous day. With a little inspiration from Pinterest, I was able to incorporate my own style top that is not commonly seen. This was exactly what I wanted! With time and dedicated effort I made a top free of imperfections, finally!!

I posted a picture of my top on my personal Instagram page (@Skinnyyb) and it was a huge hit amongst the ladies! With summer right around the corner I knew I had to get on it and start making more tops. I already have a lot of followers on my Instagram that really loved the content that I was posting. To make things even better, I was told by one of the followers that I have to have a look at this free instagram followers app so I could get even more. This is something that I’m really considering as I would love for more people to be aware of the things that I’m posting. I was slightly concerned that it could lead to Instagram taking over my life, as an increase in followers would mean an increase in demand and I may not be able to keep up with all of the engagements and things to continue building my account. However, I have been reading about Instagram bots such as Upleap which perform your social media activities for you. I guess I should have a further look into this before making any more decisions though.

LSC was created in March of 2014. I started by simply creating an Instagram for Le Soleil Crochet and posting pictures of tops as I finished them. In a weeks time I already had 100+ followers and a fan base all around the world! I started to receive emails and DMs from ladies in the Bahamas to Australia and New Zealand. I’m forever grateful for Social Network sites! I’ve seen businesses grow tremendously with the help of Insta and Facebook. It’s amazing how many people all over the world can look at and admire your work. I love how it keeps us ALL connected. One of my friends also told me about downloading an application like igdm to better manage all of the messages I was recieving about these tops. She said using that application would make it easier for me to interact with customers on my computer, instead of doing it all off my phone. It all started to feel like a real business!

It has been short of 6 months and Le Soleil Crochet continues to grow! With a fan base of nearly 2k people from all around the world, I am able to spread the word of my brand and make a name for myself. With the help of my lovely and beautiful promotors the brand builds daily.

I am currently working on some big collaborations with other up-and-coming businesses – which is super exciting! I love to support others who want to build their brand and make a name for themselves too. Not to mention all of the helpful and inspiring people I surround myself with, I only see the company growing more and more. I recently purchased a sewing machine so I’m working on new designs to incorporate with my crochet tops. Yay!

I have huge plans and goals for LSC that I know are beyond attainable. Some time and dedication never hurt anybody! They say, “If your goals don’t scare you – they aren’t BIG enough!” Within the next upcoming year I have goals of creating a team to help run Le Soleil Crochet as it continues to grow and I’d love to work on getting my tops in well-known stores and boutiques all over the world! My main goal as the Creator and Owner of Le Soleil Crochet is to have every woman who wears my tops to feel ABSOLUTELY beautiful. Each top is handmade with love in sunny Southern California with the perfect fit and comfort in mind. Stay tuned for more creations!

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  1. Grace Avatar

    Ordered a dress and never received it. I emailed back and forth with Britnee for a while (she usually took at least a week to respond or I would have to email her multiple times) and she would ask things like my address again which I would send her and then not get anything back. This went on for over 6 months and I was patient with her the whole time. The last email I got from her she actually told me she cancelled my order because I complained that I hadn’t received it yet. but once I asked for a refund she stopped replying to my emails. Definitely don’t order from her. She also makes it very hard to contact/ review her so I’m guessing this happens a lot