Amerikan Goddess


Over a year ago, I received 2 lip balms in a gift bag from a natural hair event. It was love at first use!

I eagerly reached out to the product owner, Michelle Turner, after using the product for several weeks. I still have (and use) one lip balm and find it to be more moisturizing than my trusty Chapstick and Vaseline products – of which I’m rather fond of. I am happy to share her business with you in hopes that you too will discover something new and enjoyable for your body!



Amerikan Goddess began as a passion-filled hobby and evolved into something much greater. Amerikan Goddess is a sustainable, preservative-free, handcrafted business providing consumers with a naturally refreshing alternative to body and household products. Amerikan Goddess specializes in Artisan Soaps, Bath & Body Treats, Luxe Body Butters, Luxe Lip Butters, Soy Tarts & Candles, and Amerikan Goddess Apparel. Our artisanal line is made in limited quantities with a lot of love and the purest butters, oils, waxes, and herbs to ensure freshness and luxurious quality.


My journey began after I’d become addicted to YouTube videos for natural hair tutorials and regimens. Anywhere there was an internet connection, I was on YouTube watching videos. Sometimes I would watch videos for hours, trying new hair styles and whipping up all sorts of concoctions for my hair. Then I branched out onto a new leaf: making my own soap and candles. I started with soy candles and simple melt-and-pour soap and thought “this is just too easy!” I needed a challenge.

My next step: cold-process soap! After making several batches of melt-and-pour & cold-process soaps, I asked family, friends and co-workers to be my critics. The feedback was phenomenal. I’d always wondered what I would be most passionate about and this is it! I was ecstatic. I was hooked and I couldn’t stop. In no time I became a “DIY Junkie.” Every spare moment I had went in to educating myself. I learned how to create almost everything I could possibly think of. I educated myself on the pros and cons of various product ingredients – what to use, how much to use, and what advantages and disadvantages came along with it.

In April of 2012, I decided to turn my passion into a business. As long as you love what you do it could never truly be work, right? Amerikan Goddess was born in the spare bedroom of my small cramped college apartment. I haven’t turned back ever since…