Courage will not skip this generation


Let me start by slipping this under your door…

I don’t at all believe St. Louis is the only place with numbers out of balance as this, but because I live here and have noticed it for myself, I find it meaningful.

Romans 4:21 “Being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to perform.”

One bible’s life lesson for this scripture says:  “God can and will deliver whatever He has promised to us.  Do we believe that?  If we do, then it only makes sense to put our complete trust in Him, regardless of how dark our circumstances might appear.”

A friendly trip to the bank? Or nah?

Not what I expect to see on the Target lot.

Go figure I parked on the wrong lot. It was NOT meant for civilians. Oops.

That’s my red car to the right and there is a grocery store in the background. 

A new tank was in front of my car when I returned.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” – Winston Churchill 

Marching and rallying in Ferguson on Saturday, August 23.

Unity. Peace.

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.

This sign spawned from hearing a Caucasian women speaking “her reality” of being unwilling to live in fear. I am unsure what her fear is because she was at a rally to support Darren Wilson. So if her fear was meant to be compared to that of young African American men, then I’m overwhelmed in confusion.


Policemen marching with the crowd.

 Captain Ron Johnson and Chief Jon Belmar supporting the NAACP.

It’s blurry, but that’s my uncle y’all!! A true activist!

So many people donating items to residents!!

Acts of kindness. Policemen passing out water to the marchers.



Because of them we march.

Bearing the heat (over 100 degrees I believe).


It feels good to be part of history BUT what matters most is the help I am able to provide AFTER the cameras stop rolling.


Not for sale. Simply reminding.

This has created a new layer of discussion among families to their children. The sad but honest reality. You cannot ignore what is and has been in place because while times can change, it won’t happen by ignoring it.

 A tweeter I was happy to thank face to face for posting only the real of Ferguson. @nettaaaaaaaa on twitter.

 This brotha was in tears by the time he finished his speech. Many are feeling oppressed. Healing and redirection will take a long time bc we didn’t get in this state if emergency overnight, but it is attainable.

The man able to hold his chips while tossing back tear has meant to harm him is Eyefloodpanties on twitter in case you care. 🙂 

Hands Up. Don’t Shoot.



On the spot spray painting.

This now sits in my dining room.

Hill Harper has been in St. Louis all weekend speaking with Urban League members and at other events like Peace Fest.

Kevin Powell (activist, author, AND real world season 1 member – that’s when reality tv was real).

STL4Unity rally

#STL4Unity #Canfield

My skin color is not a crime.

Hands Up. Don’t Shoot. It amazes me that I’ve heard this phrase so much in the past two weeks. The world is changing. But it can be for the better.

I was able to assist my friends in donating care packages to residents of the community. Please donate to their GoFundMe or if you’re in the St. Louis area, see how you can assist personally.

Peace. Love. Justice.

So much work to be done!

Let’s keep the positivity going!!

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