Maternity shoot (and baby name reveal) 2


Time is winding down. I’m to the stage where I’ve mapped out every store’s restroom because chances are high I’ll need to visit it. *rolls eyes*

Translation: My little one is almost here!:) I had a baby shower thrown by my wonderful crew of Sorors last month and on that same day I had a photo shoot to commemorate this experience.

I’m so late with sharing these! I didn’t realize so much time had passed. I posted a couple on social media, but today Sorors reminded me I didn’t share the rest. 

I love the work done by my Soror friend Lashell whom I met after the murder of Mike Brown during protests in Ferguson. We even traveled to Selma, AL together with a group in honor of the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday

Lashell has a wonderful array of photos online from activism to shoots in the park. Check out more of her work at Do Media Stl on Instagram and tell her sent you. 


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