Working Out with Natural Hair


I’ll be honest, I’m completely off my workout schedule this month and I’m sure many can relate.  I tend to eat more, sit around more, and workout less as it gets colder outside.  Before the holidays, I was working out at least 3-5 times per week.  I plan to get back into the swing of things as soon as I stop loving the laziness of winter break so much!  Being natural has been the best thing for my frequent workouts because I don’t have to be concerned with wrapping my relaxed hair before going to the gym nor worrying about sweating out my relaxer!

For a few years I owned a treadmill and before that I was able to use the workout facility provided by my loft.  My current preferences are Spin class and Zumba with an occasional elliptical machine mixed in.  I am not a heavy sweater, but I do my fair share that’s for sure.

Many natural women wonder if it’s imperative that they wash their hair after every workout.  Really, it’s up to your preference and the time available in  your day.  For me, I cannot imagine even wetting my coarse, dense tresses on a daily basis.  I would never leave my bathroom mirror!  I like my social life too much to spend too much of my precious time behind closed doors doing my hair.


  • My hair regimen tends to stay the same no matter how often I workout.  I wash my hair ever 5-9 days.  I cleanse, condition (most times I deep condition for at least 20 minutes as well), and I style my hair often in twists or braids. That’s about as much styling as I’ll do until the next wash day!  After working out, my hair is a little sweaty but guess what…*whispering* it dries.  And for me, my hair style is still in tact!
This is a week old twist out during a time I was working out regularly.
  • Something I think helps me avoid having such an itchy scalp after working out a few days in a row without washing is the fact that I do NOT reapply products on a daily basis.  About every other day I will either add olive oil or my shea butter mix to my hair.

(My shea butter mix is nothing more than shea butter with the oils I have lying around the house.  Currently it has olive oil, apricot oil, and coconut oil. A cup of this lasts a few months since I don’t need a lot to fulfill my needs of moisturized hair that is not weighed down with products.)

  • Though I haven’t tried it, I have heard that putting Listerine on a Q-tip to gently massage the scalp helps remove buildup and reduce itch.  The same has been said for Sea Breeze and even Witch Hazel (the later only made my hair itch more).
  • If your hair is in a stretched out state, as mine is today, consider pulling it into a tight ponytail to help the roots remain in tact.

Read a few more suggestions from the blog Newly Natural.

And if you’re working out at home, you don’t have to be concerned about people seeing you out  in public with a scarf on your head:)  Here’s a site with great workouts that can be done in your living room while watching television!

Let’s help each other be great…

What are your suggestions for women working out frequently while wanting to keep their hair fresh??


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