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about mnr

Christian. New Mom. Educator. Writer. Naturalista. Fashionista (on a budget no doubt). 

That pretty much sums it up!

This website came about as I journeyed through natural-hair and a healthier lifestyle.  I stopped relaxing my hair in June 2010.  This was my second stab at natural hair.  I tried once in 2008 but only lasted 5 months before throwing in the towel.

The second time around, I did my homework! Thanks to youtubers and natural hair sites (see my favorites page!), I learned what could possibly work best with my own hair and how to transition without breaking my hair and losing my sanity.  I was inspired by sistahs who were once in my boat: learning the texture of their natural hair!  And if you’re not ready to rock your hair in it’s natural state, you’ll still find good tips and styles for healthily-relaxed hair here at My Natural Reality!

Working out and eating healthy is a way of life for me. Now, when I say “eating healthy” I don’t mean I’m sitting around eating like a rabbit. I explain my lifestyle routine here!

I’m not the most patient person, but this process along with posting on my site has helped me with that flaw.

My mission is to 1- give others exposure to a new audience and 2- encourage my readers through stories of perseverance from those I meet on my journey with this new venture (the website:).

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