Pretty Brown Girl Movement

  Friends, Family & Supporters, We hope that you are enjoying your summer! The girls are growing up way too fast and the Pretty Brown Girl Movement is continuing to move forward.  We truly appreciate your continued support and encouragement. We were recently featured on our local Channel 4 News, […]

Young Entrepreneur: Maya Penn

Fourteen-year-old Maya Penn is sitting on a 75k-a-year enterprise according to the July 2014 issue of Essence Magazine! Go’on girl!  [youtuber youtube=’’] At age 8, she was making her own headbands and others would ask where they could be purchased. This prompted her, AT AGE EIGHT, to start her own business. […]

15 ways to wear a head scarf from Love Your Tresses 1

I fell in love with this video within the first minute! I followed Fiona of Love Your Tresses immediately. I figured if her other videos were half as HAIRspiring as this one, she’d be a great addition to my YouTube.   Enjoy! And if you comment on her video, tell her My […]

Twisting Tutorial Time

Sometimes I come across a skill I lack and my first thought may be, “I’ll never be able to do that.” And if I don’t try, then bam, there it is. I won’t be able to do it. But with patience and practice, [almost] anything is possible! So here are a few […]

Wrap dress anyone?

I initially shared about this yellow and blue dress on my Facebook and in a blog post. Ever since, people have been asking, “HOW DO YOU TIE IT!?!?!” Welp, here ya go! [youtuber youtube=’’]    I love that it works as a skirt for my tall frame without making it look […]

Style Diaries: Shanequa 1

My name is Shanequa Jana’ or Shea, or Shea butta because I’m smooth lol. I am from Cereal City in Michigan! I have been natural for about two years now! I can’t remember when I started transitioning because it wasn’t purposely but I did my chop in February of 2012. […]

Naturals in NOLA 3

^My hair had a mind of its own and I did not mind one bit! Well, I made it to Essence Festival 2014 and maaaaaaan oh maaaaaaan was it a treat!! I didn’t even go to the nightly Superdome concerts (crazy, right?) yet I had a wonderful time! No, really! […]

Umba Designs Announces July Birthday Bash

“Umba is turning 2 and having a party! You’re invited.” – Chloe Hart, Owner FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Greensboro, NC] – Umba Designs is thrilled to announce its 2nd birthday on July 14th 2014. Celebrating for just a day will not do. For the month of July, Umba Designs will be partaking in […]

Rockit w/ Therapeutic Conversation

ROCKit w/ Therapeutic Conversation is a show that Jenna Marie Christian has the pleasure of co-hosting with two other beautiful young ladies Wynter and Keishana! “Our purpose in creating this show is to develop a platform where everyday women can gather together to discuss our issues and concerns in nonjudgmental […]

My hair is growing y’all!! 2

HAIR + DYNAMICS = HAIRNAMICS [youtuber youtube=’’] Please read the information on the site in order to make an informed decision for yourself. I read about the ingredients, the FAQs, and looked at a couple reviews. I felt it was a good fit for my lifestyle. For the record, I […]

Kriss Mincey

Why Kriss Mincey?? A fun personality mixed with approachability will go far with fans when you’re in the music industry. These two, mixed with an awesome talent drew me to Kriss Mincey, a singer, writer, and self-proclaimed ARTtrepreneur. Introspective I spoke with Kriss about life and music. She learned a […]

Nature Box Review

By the time this post goes live, I’ll have ordered my second box. I enjoyed the first set of selections so much that I am keeping it going at least one more month. *I was not paid to give this review…I purchased this item with my own money and these […]

Good Lookn Out names top bloggers (and I’m on the list!) 1

Marie Young of Good Lookn Out writes, “Any natural knows that life wouldn’t seem, in any sense, normal unless you had your bookmarked list of online natural hair bloggers at your fingertips. They help you through those natural hair “moments” you probably have at least once a week. Yes ladies, […]

Oh, the sights seen at festivals!

I attended the annual African Arts Festival in St. Louis, and while I was there as a volunteer, I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of beauties along my way! I just HAD to purchase this dress, then found another on eBay! I’d be happy to purchase another!! If […]

Color and Curls

I absolutely love color in my hair…my latest desire is to do a bold (dark) purple or midnight blue. Subtle enough that I don’t scare coworkers but fly enough that everyone will stop and ask me about it when in the streets 🙂 Here’s a little inspiration for those considering […]

My first flat iron in almost four years

You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t cute! I had my hair flat ironed shortly after going natural in 2010 and haven’t gone back to straight hair since. One reason is because it would take too doggone long if I were to attempt it myself. I don’t even blow dry my […]

Style Diaries: Tia Jonay 1

Hi! My name is Tia and I currently live in Texas. I transitioned for 18 months and my last relaxer was January 11, 2010. I have been natural since July 24, 2011. I initially began my hair journey wanting to learn more about growing long and healthy relaxed hair after […]

Conscious Living

Watch the latest episode of Conscious Living from Phenomenal Mark featuring Felecia Leatherwood from Loving Your Hair with Natural Care. They’re both spreading a little positivity, so get yours today! “You cannot have love and fear in the same space…” [youtuber youtube=’’] “Do you want love in your heart or do […]

Formal and Fancy

Prom season has passed, but weddings and formal events are all year long! Here are a few styles that may tickle your fancy!