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  • Bailey’s Big Chop | Toddler Regimen

    Bailey’s Big Chop | Toddler Regimen

    We all have a niche or two, right? Well, hair has always been mine…   I started doing my own hair sometime around the tender age ten. Yes, ten. It was the best decision for our household as I did not like my mom doing my hair. Kids know so much, don’t they. I did […]

  • Big Chopping for a Greater Cause

    Big Chopping for a Greater Cause

    Saleemah of Hydratherma Naturals shared, “The hubs and I had a ball doing my big chop earlier today! I really appreciate him. Many asked why I cut my hair. I’m donating my hair to #LocksOfLove I pray that they can make a kinky wig for a cancer patient who needs it! Love y’all! #naturalhair #naturalhairjourney“ This was such a […]

  • Style Diaries: Linnea

    Style Diaries: Linnea

    My name is Linnea Smith-Waters I’m from Baltimore, MD. I have four daughters who all have natural beautiful hair. I started doing my own hair when I was 10. My mother would always braid my hair in singles and leave them in for weeks I used to get teased and called Whoopi Goldberg. She is a […]

  • KenyaGoneNatural


    Everyone could use inspiration at some point in their life about something, right? New-to-the-scene blogger, KenyaGoneNatural, plans to do just that with her focus of hair, life, and relationships. In this post, she shares her reasons for going natural several years ago. It’s about time 🙂 I got my first relaxer in the sixth grade, […]