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  • Style Diaries: Laqwanda

    Style Diaries: Laqwanda

    My name is Laqwanda. I hail from the state of Mississippi. I cannot remember whether I ever thought that my natural hair journey was going to be easy or difficult. However, I do recall being determined to make it fun.  I love challenging myself to discover styles that work best for me. Although I wear […]

  • Style Diaries: Paloma

    Style Diaries: Paloma

    My name is Paloma. I’m from the Dominican Republic. I use only natural products. If it can’t go in my stomach, it will not likely go in my hair.  Facebook Want to share your style with others? Interested in being featured?? Email the following to info@mynaturalreality.com: 3-5 photos (full body shots as well as head […]

  • Style Diaries: Jessica

    My name is Jessica – also known as Jessiemon’a. I started my natural journey in 2009 when I decided to do my BC (big chop).  I’ve always had long hair, even when I had relaxers, but eventually it would always break off. I transitioned for six months then decided to BC, and I loved it!  […]

  • Style Diary: Paris

    Style Diary: Paris

    In November of 2012 I made a promise to myself that any and all things blocking my growth had to GO. Thus, chopping my permed ends after an 11 month transition marked the beginning of an incredible journey.  I decided that I would no longer subject my mane to things it couldn’t benefit from; my […]

  • Style Diary: Dominique

    Style Diary: Dominique

    My name is Dominique Payne and I’m from Memphis, TN. I have naturally curly hair, but I’ve been wearing my hair in its natural state since around Sept. 2011. Like most curly haired girls, my hair suffered due to heat damage and because of that I wanted to restore my hair’s health. The two main […]

  • HAIRspiration: TWAs

    HAIRspiration: TWAs

    HAIRspiration…get some!      

  • HAIRspiration: styling TWAs

    HAIRspiration: styling TWAs

    ENJOY! [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Arj1NuCIWJQ’] [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAnk3ivgoM8′] [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8wG6T7kmEA’] [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_Ct0adWKYg’]

  • Forever Natural Tees

    Forever Natural Tees

    April Rashad is the owner and creative voice behind “April Rashad Design” and  “Forever Natural Tees.”  She graduated from the University of Maryland College Park, with a degree in studio art and a concentration in graphic design. After working in the graphic design field for a several years, she decided to become a freelance graphic […]

  • Shelly at Glam Natural Life

    Shelly at Glam Natural Life

      You may have seen the guest blogger post from Shelly at Glam Natural Life…if you didn’t click here! Well, I loved her hair and story, so I asked her to share it with my readers! Share about your hair/style journey over the years and how it has evolved to the point you’re at now. […]

  • Style Diary: OhGinelle

    Style Diary: OhGinelle

    My natural hair journey started out as every other: my mother couldn’t manage the wildness. So by the age of 8, I fell victim to the creamy crack.   It was a struggle, but my hair was definitely thuggin’. The next few years of my life I went through long flowing hair, to short broken […]

  • Sisterhood of Natural Hair

    Sisterhood of Natural Hair

    I attended the Black Hair Kitchen Expo while in DC for my sorority’s National Convention and I met a lot of great people! One group I ran into was the Sisterhood of Natural Hair. I purchased a cute flower headband for my niece and asked if I could feature them on my site! This company has […]

  • STYLEspiration: Blake Von D

    STYLEspiration: Blake Von D

    By now, you know my love for meeting new people through the Internet. Not in the way of trying to make new besties, but just connecting in a business manner. I also love to show support for African American women who are working hard and trying to make a name for themselves!   If you […]

  • HAIRspiration: TWA

    HAIRspiration: TWA

    These styles just scream I’M READY FOR FUN IN THE SUN!

  • Style Diary: Elbony

    Style Diary: Elbony

    My name is Elbony. I’m a 22 year old girl who loves everything beauty, fashion and hair related. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve only been natural since January 20th, 2013. My future plans include staring my own online jewelry and clothing boutique, and also attending nursing school. I love everything about my hair now […]

  • Orange is Natural

    Orange is Natural

    The 2010s (sounds weird) have been full of falling in love with non-traditional television. I cancelled cable and have several Youtube series I can’t live without…need references? Click HERE and HERE, then thank me later. I’ve gotten used to tuning in to my Wii, iPad, or Apple TV on a weekly basis to catch up […]

  • All Things O’Natural

    All Things O’Natural

    I enjoy posts from the ATON team so I asked to repost one in regards to Mr. ATON‘s natural hair regimen!   Dominque, founder and creator of All Things O’Natural product line gets asked this question a lot from Natty men who wish to know her husband’s regimen using their ‎Natty Natural products.   So, here […]

  • The earring guy

    The earring guy

    I am roughly 6 months into this and it has been INCREDIBLE! I’ve been trying to establish myself as an artist, but over the past few years I had been hemmed in as more of a manufacturer…producing plaques and other bulk items for different organizations. It wasn’t until late last year when I presented a pair of earrings […]

  • Afro’s A Celebration Of Natural Hair

    Afro’s A Celebration Of Natural Hair

    Antoinette of Around the Way Curls attended a book release for the Afro’s – A Celebration of Natural Hair, thrown by Tamara Hood of LivelyHood (the event producer), and PR by Renae Bluitt of Crush Media/ the dope blogger of In Her Shoes Blog, and Susan Martin of MartinPR…and of course the author, Michael July. Overall, it was a great […]

  • Black Hair Kitchen [photos]

    Black Hair Kitchen [photos]

    Whoooaaa I’m way late with posting about this event! In my defense, I am a teacher on summer break who has been relaxin’ and chillaxin’ while visiting friends from New York to Atlanta! I’ve not had much time to sit and work. But today is my catch-up day!   Anywho…while attending my sorority’s 100th anniversary celebration […]

  • Live in the moment

    Live in the moment

    I virtually met Marenna while checking out natural hair photos on Instagram. She’s a natural hair enthusiast and a self proclaimed, part-time vagabond. I was born and raised in Michigan, have lived all over the US, and now currently work and reside in DC. Just like any other creative spirit, I have always been moved and […]