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  • Amerikan Goddess

    Amerikan Goddess

    Over a year ago, I received 2 lip balms in a gift bag from a natural hair event. It was love at first use! I eagerly reached out to the product owner, Michelle Turner, after using the product for several weeks. I still have (and use) one lip balm and find it to be more […]

  • DIY: Remove stains without bleach

    DIY: Remove stains without bleach

    My all natural deodorant leaves a mark on light colored clothing 😮 Either that or I sweat like a 400lb man in the dessert…I’ll stick with blaming the deodorant.  I found this mix on Pinterest but was unable to find the exact mix to show you how much of what I used. The mixture makes a paste […]

  • Glam Natural Life’s Kitchen

    Glam Natural Life’s Kitchen

    This post isn’t just about Shelly over at Glam Natural Life’s kitchen, but yours as well! Read to find out how your kitchen could be your best bet for hair products for your natural hair! Hey Sistas! I hope you’ve been showing your tresses some love! The best natural hair care store is indeed your own kitchen. Going […]

  • Handmade soaps

    Here’s a few of my current faves!! Maven (based in St. Louis) Glycerin Soap “Unlike major brand soaps found in big box stores, our vegetable glycerin soaps are all natural and detergent free. This makes them gentle enough for even the most delicate skin. Each bar is big and means business– they weigh approximately 6.5 ounces!” Ingredients: […]

  • DIY: coasters

    DIY: coasters

    So my mom and I got creative around the holidays and made gifts for family and friends! This would be a great idea anytime you’re thinking of something unique for that person that has it all. You don’t need many materials… -Tiles -Paper with designs (printed from the computer on quality paper will allow you […]

  • DIY project for the home

    DIY project for the home

    I have a thing about new nail polish! I just love it! Can’t figure out why because just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have considered painting my finger nails because I felt it was a waste of my time to do this on a weekly basis. After one visit to a free nail polish […]

  • Operation organize!

    Operation organize!

    Organizing has been my goal for the month of December. My main interest was my 2nd bedroom which functions as a “wardrobe”…every girl needs one! While visiting my dad’s house, I found an old shelving unit being unused. I didn’t know how it could be used but knew it could be used! I got to […]

  • DIY Crafts with kids

    DIY Crafts with kids

    Attention crafty folks with kids to entertain this holiday break…grab a clean tube sock outta grandpa’s dresser and make this with the kiddos! A cup of rice holds the snowman steady and add pillow stuffing to fill the rest of the sock. Then simply decorate it with pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and whatever else your […]