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  • 365 days of Ferguson | Why we still protest

    365 days of Ferguson | Why we still protest

    Wait…you still don’t get it… Are you wondering (or even being asked), “Why are people still protesting?“ One person said to another (within earshot of a fellow activist Soror), “Oh it’s all because of the riots from last year,” as if that made even a lick of sense. Others are saying, “Black people are angry […]

  • Remembering November 24

    Remembering November 24

    Just when you think maybe you’re not as affected by something, you find yourself crying three minutes into a video. I was told to find this because I’m in a short snippet around the 46th minute. November 24, 2014 isn’t the end all. It’s obviously not the only day that matters in the movement. But […]

  • #Selma50 | I was there

    #Selma50 | I was there

    “I missed it 1965 but made it in 2015.” That tag line was on banners and tees throughout the city of Selma. I’m so glad I made it!    To hear him speak was simply amazing! The feeling of history surely engulfed me as soon as I stepped into downtown Selma and again in Montgomery. To […]

  • Pro-accountability, not anti-police

    Pro-accountability, not anti-police

     It’s been said that protesters of this generation lack guidance, that we need a main leader, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many elders, on the outside looking in, are attempting to share their views of how this should work and what we should do. The thoughts of many “millennial protesters,” however, is that […]

  • This is not yo grandma’s movement

    This is not yo grandma’s movement

    *reuploaded* As we enter the final days of the Grand Jury meetings, so many thoughts are running through my mind; many of which I express regularly. Recently I’ve come across messages that I feel like putting my stamp of approval on. The words mirror so much of what I’m thinking, it’s as if I said […]

  • Reflections of a trained protestor

    Reflections of a trained protestor

    *candles lit, playing Erykah Badu’s Soldier* I just felt like prefacing with that statement because that’s my current state… The indictment, or lack there of, time has come. My city is in preparation mode. But it’s preparation for the unknown. We all assume we know the outcome but we can’t know how our fellow man […]

  • Show me what democracy looks like

    Show me what democracy looks like

    As I get ready to get a whopping 2 hours of sleep, I realized I lost a few followers on social media this weekend. Guess I was blasting too much #FERGUSONOCTOBER on their timeline. Oh well. (Read my comeback blog post from 10/9/14 here.) Photo credit: Koran Addo This is something that affects us all. […]

  • #FergusonOctober


    Thank you to those who noticed I took a hiatus from blogging. I mentioned it in my last few blog posts from August. Many are still rockin’ with me on Facebook, The Twittah, and Instagram – all of which I regularly update. Though I’m not ready to come back – because there’s something about blogging […]

  • Courage will not skip this generation

    Courage will not skip this generation

    Let me start by slipping this under your door… I don’t at all believe St. Louis is the only place with numbers out of balance as this, but because I live here and have noticed it for myself, I find it meaningful. Romans 4:21 “Being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to […]

  • The other side of #Ferguson

    The other side of #Ferguson

    It was a calm, yet unified feeling today while standing outside 222 Ferguson Rd. What’s at that address you ask? A very nice fire station and they’re in the process of fixing up the police station next door. This area is managing to remain free from the vast majority of foot traffic, trash, loud noises (besides those […]

  • The day #Ferguson changed the conversation

    The day #Ferguson changed the conversation

    Life has changed for so many.  Yes, this can happen anywhere. But I can currently only speak on what I’m experiencing in my city on the tenth day of injustice.  Also read “Courage will not skip this generation” and “The other side of Ferguson“.     At the heart of this situation is the Brown family whom no […]