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  • You can touch my hair…

    You can touch my hair…

    Or can you? This is a conversation I’ve had with many women of color. My personal feelings about it are no, you may not.   Duh.   Please refrain from walking toward strangers and touching something that does not belong to you. Hands will likely be smacked. Kinky hair need not be a major fascination […]

  • Naturally Happy Hair Magazine

    Naturally Happy Hair Magazine

    They’ve done it again! Another great issue that you absolutely must support!! Here’s a sneak peak so you can see what you’re missing 🙂   ^My contribution 🙂 Naturally Happy Hair

  • A Curly Art Affair

    A Curly Art Affair

    I had a blast at Sunshine Malone’s event today! I met bloggers/vloggers/Instagramers that I adore and all of the women at the event had a positive vibe as we chatted about hair (among other things:). Before you view the pictures, be sure to click LIKE on everyone’s Facebook page!! The links will open in a […]

  • Getting to MORE…

    Getting to MORE…

    Are you looking for more out of life? I listen to Our Daily Bread and other inspirational media on occasion…this topic was recently addressed. There is no special potion you can concoct to make this happen. But these tips might help you through today, tomorrow, and the next day! Give more attention to the things that […]

  • The “Beautiful Struggle” of artist Keturah Ariel

    The “Beautiful Struggle” of artist Keturah Ariel

    In 2010-2011, I was ready to give it all up. Everything I thought I was building was slowly falling down around me. Imagine being in a house where the foundation collapses and the structure implodes, and you’re standing there in the center of it, alone… that’s what it felt like. Despite it all, I never […]