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  • Remembering November 24

    Remembering November 24

    Just when you think maybe you’re not as affected by something, you find yourself crying three minutes into a video. I was told to find this because I’m in a short snippet around the 46th minute. November 24, 2014 isn’t the end all. It’s obviously not the only day that matters in the movement. But […]

  • Courage will not skip this generation

    Courage will not skip this generation

    Let me start by slipping this under your door… I don’t at all believe St. Louis is the only place with numbers out of balance as this, but because I live here and have noticed it for myself, I find it meaningful. Romans 4:21 “Being fully convinced that what He had promised He was also able to […]

  • The other side of #Ferguson

    The other side of #Ferguson

    It was a calm, yet unified feeling today while standing outside 222 Ferguson Rd. What’s at that address you ask? A very nice fire station and they’re in the process of fixing up the police station next door. This area is managing to remain free from the vast majority of foot traffic, trash, loud noises (besides those […]

  • The day #Ferguson changed the conversation

    The day #Ferguson changed the conversation

    Life has changed for so many.  Yes, this can happen anywhere. But I can currently only speak on what I’m experiencing in my city on the tenth day of injustice.  Also read “Courage will not skip this generation” and “The other side of Ferguson“.     At the heart of this situation is the Brown family whom no […]