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  • HAIRspiration | Natural Sis 72

    HAIRspiration | Natural Sis 72

    Mary of Natural Sis 72 is encouraging mom’s struggling with kids hair.              Love being natural and healthy! www.Naturalsis72.com https://www.facebook.com/Naturalsis72?skip_nax_wizard=true http://pinterest.com/naturalsis72/  

  • HAIRspiration: Fro Hawk

    HAIRspiration: Fro Hawk


  • Mom’s protective style

    Yep. My mama is flyer than most. After viewing a video from Soft Sheen Carson, she was inspired to try a protective style on her own. I’m so proud of her for getting it to look so cute on her own because she doesn’t absolutely love to do hair like I do, she does it […]

  • HAIRspiration: More color

    HAIRspiration: More color

    I love the boldness of many women who are fierce enough to rock a bright hue on their tresses! [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EYVA1BhTO8′]

  • Black Actress: Andrea Lewis

    Black Actress: Andrea Lewis

    After viewing yet another Issa Rae production that I thoroughly enjoyed, I just had to reach out to the creator. Andrea Lewis raised over $20,000 to create Black Actress, the most recent web series to grace the YouTube channel of Issa Rae. Her co-producer, Brian Walker, was the first person to speak to Issa about […]

  • HAIR’itage – coming to a city near you

    HAIR’itage – coming to a city near you

    This play shows the  journeys and struggles that African-American women go through with their hair and how that affects work, family and social lives. An original play about the evolution of the Black woman’s Hair by Niccole Nero Gaines The play tells the stories of 6 “Sistah’s” and how their hair defined them at certain […]

  • Shelly at Glam Natural Life

    Shelly at Glam Natural Life

      You may have seen the guest blogger post from Shelly at Glam Natural Life…if you didn’t click here! Well, I loved her hair and story, so I asked her to share it with my readers! Share about your hair/style journey over the years and how it has evolved to the point you’re at now. […]

  • SheaMoisture Hair Color review by Glam Natural Life

    SheaMoisture Hair Color review by Glam Natural Life

    Shelly of Glam Natural Life shared her experience using the SheaMoisture Ammonia-Free Hair Color System in Bright Auburn. Her results were amazing! “I am over the moon excited as I write this post. So, I tried the SheaMoisture Ammonia-Free Hair Color System in the shade Bright Auburn over the weekend. Ok, I have never in my […]

  • Sisterhood of Natural Hair

    Sisterhood of Natural Hair

    I attended the Black Hair Kitchen Expo while in DC for my sorority’s National Convention and I met a lot of great people! One group I ran into was the Sisterhood of Natural Hair. I purchased a cute flower headband for my niece and asked if I could feature them on my site! This company has […]

  • STYLEspiration: Blake Von D

    STYLEspiration: Blake Von D

    By now, you know my love for meeting new people through the Internet. Not in the way of trying to make new besties, but just connecting in a business manner. I also love to show support for African American women who are working hard and trying to make a name for themselves!   If you […]

  • Dope Crochet

    Dope Crochet

    The beginning: My cousin taught me to crochet afghans one sweltering hot summer in Detroit and I haven’t put my crochet hook down since! It wasn’t until I began my natural journey in 2006 that I began crocheting accessories and jewelry. I felt like I needed to accentuate my new look and attitude with something […]

  • HAIRspiration: TWA

    HAIRspiration: TWA

    These styles just scream I’M READY FOR FUN IN THE SUN!

  • All Things O’Natural

    All Things O’Natural

    I enjoy posts from the ATON team so I asked to repost one in regards to Mr. ATON‘s natural hair regimen!   Dominque, founder and creator of All Things O’Natural product line gets asked this question a lot from Natty men who wish to know her husband’s regimen using their ‎Natty Natural products.   So, here […]

  • HAIRspiration: short and funky

    HAIRspiration: short and funky

    These alllllmost make me want to try something different with my hair! Here’s a tutorial from one of my fave Youtube channels that shows a way to style a TWA! [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omxzI0UG2O0′]

  • HAIRspiration: updo

    HAIRspiration: updo

    Worth a try!  

  • The earring guy

    The earring guy

    I am roughly 6 months into this and it has been INCREDIBLE! I’ve been trying to establish myself as an artist, but over the past few years I had been hemmed in as more of a manufacturer…producing plaques and other bulk items for different organizations. It wasn’t until late last year when I presented a pair of earrings […]

  • Afro’s A Celebration Of Natural Hair

    Afro’s A Celebration Of Natural Hair

    Antoinette of Around the Way Curls attended a book release for the Afro’s – A Celebration of Natural Hair, thrown by Tamara Hood of LivelyHood (the event producer), and PR by Renae Bluitt of Crush Media/ the dope blogger of In Her Shoes Blog, and Susan Martin of MartinPR…and of course the author, Michael July. Overall, it was a great […]

  • Black Hair Kitchen [photos]

    Black Hair Kitchen [photos]

    Whoooaaa I’m way late with posting about this event! In my defense, I am a teacher on summer break who has been relaxin’ and chillaxin’ while visiting friends from New York to Atlanta! I’ve not had much time to sit and work. But today is my catch-up day!   Anywho…while attending my sorority’s 100th anniversary celebration […]

  • Real Love

    Real Love

    Precious says of Jairius,“He respects me, prays for me, encourages me and sees me not only in his now but in his future. He is my partner, companion, friend and the love of my life!” This is the way love should be! Read more here.  

  • HAIRspiration: Locs

    HAIRspiration: Locs