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  • Color and Curls

    Color and Curls

    I absolutely love color in my hair…my latest desire is to do a bold (dark) purple or midnight blue. Subtle enough that I don’t scare coworkers but fly enough that everyone will stop and ask me about it when in the streets 🙂 Here’s a little inspiration for those considering the same!       […]

  • Formal and Fancy

    Formal and Fancy

    Prom season has passed, but weddings and formal events are all year long! Here are a few styles that may tickle your fancy!          

  • Style Diaries: Kita

    Style Diaries: Kita

    Hey my fellow naturalistas!  My name is Kita Linnen.  I’m from Virginia but I currently reside in Texas – big difference as far as heat and humidity. I have never really had a problem with hair growth but constant relaxers and hair color were beginning to break my hair off.  My sister was natural a […]

  • Style Diaries: Whitney

    Style Diaries: Whitney

    I am Whitney Madueke. I am 19 years. I live in Lagos,Nigeria. I am currently an undergraduate law student at the University of Reading, England. My last relaxer was on the 20th of June,2012. I transitioned for months before deciding to go natural, as my hair kept tangling and breaking. The cold weather was not […]

  • STYLEspiration: Street Style

    STYLEspiration: Street Style

    Comfort.Layering.Stylish.       Compliments of http://blackfashion.tumblr.com/

  • The Cassie Brown Project part 2

    To view part 1, click here! Why I joined the movement. I decided to join the [natural hair] movement because I feel there is a need for more transparency around the issues we face as brown women and girls. There is a lot of talking AT black women, telling us what we should do to […]

  • The Cassie Brown Project Tees

    The Cassie Brown Project Tees

    The t-shirt idea was inspired by a real life experience and conversation that I had with a girlfriend. I was totally venting about a whack dating experience. After all of my venting, I realized that I had many reasons to be angry. However, in this instance I decided that I would not be angry by […]

  • HAIRspiration: More color

    HAIRspiration: More color

    I love the boldness of many women who are fierce enough to rock a bright hue on their tresses! [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EYVA1BhTO8′]

  • HAIRspiration: COLOR

    HAIRspiration: COLOR

    I love the boldness of many women who are fierce enough to rock a bright hue on their tresses! [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgEEo0BqLUk’] ^^Loves me some My Natural Sistas!          

  • Faarrow


    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt0XYvesin0′] I came across these funky Somalian sisters on Instagram. Their style is so fun and playful and to see that they have talent makes me like them even more. Follow these fly girls on Instagram and YouTube!

  • Style Diaries: Danae

    Style Diaries: Danae

    I started my natural hair journey precisely two and a half years ago. It all started when I saw the movie “good hair” and my entire outlook on natural hair changed. My mother started putting chemicals in my hair when I was four, so essentially almost my whole life. I did not know what the […]

  • Hair care advice from a scientific perspective

    Hair care advice from a scientific perspective

      Mane Insights is a science-based hair and consumer analysis company that provides customers with personalized advice about hair care based on their individual needs. For each client, extensive background information is collected–specific grooming practices, treatments and processes that are known to dictate hair characteristics. Also, we provide an opportunity for physical hair analysis to […]

  • Teen appropriate styles

    Teen appropriate styles

      It’s not always easy for me, a 31 year old woman, to go against the grain in today’s society so I can only imagine what it’s like for a teen. Going natural is a lifestyle change that isn’t yet accepted by the masses but it’s very rewarding and should be considered. 🙂 This post […]

  • Style Diaries: Jessica

    My name is Jessica – also known as Jessiemon’a. I started my natural journey in 2009 when I decided to do my BC (big chop).  I’ve always had long hair, even when I had relaxers, but eventually it would always break off. I transitioned for six months then decided to BC, and I loved it!  […]

  • Style Diary: Paris

    Style Diary: Paris

    In November of 2012 I made a promise to myself that any and all things blocking my growth had to GO. Thus, chopping my permed ends after an 11 month transition marked the beginning of an incredible journey.  I decided that I would no longer subject my mane to things it couldn’t benefit from; my […]

  • Henna


    Juh’ watch! [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cbxeVhAYig’] Thanks Henna Sooq!!

  • Hair Gets Kinky

    Hair Gets Kinky

    I meet so many fab women making moves in my scrolling of Instagram and the twittah 🙂 I just had to feature yet another one I’ve enjoyed following on the World Wide Web. Jess of HairGetsKinky.com blogs, vlogs, and posts pics of fly jewelry and hair styles. I asked her to share a bit about […]

  • Style Diary: Dominique

    Style Diary: Dominique

    My name is Dominique Payne and I’m from Memphis, TN. I have naturally curly hair, but I’ve been wearing my hair in its natural state since around Sept. 2011. Like most curly haired girls, my hair suffered due to heat damage and because of that I wanted to restore my hair’s health. The two main […]

  • Happily Ever Natural

    Happily Ever Natural

    My name is Michelle. I’m 27 years old from Chicago, IL. Founder of www.happilyevernatural.com and I love everything about NATURAL HAIR!!   My mother relaxed my hair at a very young age because she simply could not deal with it.  I was a long term transitioner from 2009-2011, I simply did not want to do the […]

  • Style Diary: Tsholo Dikobe

    Style Diary: Tsholo Dikobe

    (The Khoi-fro) The sciences of appearances- outward appearances to inner well-being have always been my personal legend. Through this medium of communication, I developed a keen interest in how easily society can be influenced over a substantial period. The way in which an ensemble of words or a single item of clothing can instantaneously persuade […]