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  • #Selma50 | I was there

    #Selma50 | I was there

    “I missed it 1965 but made it in 2015.” That tag line was on banners and tees throughout the city of Selma. I’m so glad I made it!    To hear him speak was simply amazing! The feeling of history surely engulfed me as soon as I stepped into downtown Selma and again in Montgomery. To […]

  • Welcome to another term POTUS!

    Welcome to another term POTUS!

    I could only imagine the overwhelming excitement for the Obama family, friends, and those who worked countless hours to bring in another victory. As I sit at my desk (well, guided reading table because I don’t technically have a desk lol), I’m tearing up just thinking about how far this country has come .  We […]

  • Rock the Vote!

    Rock the Vote!

    Politically Correct: Obamacare(s) A repost from Nicole on The Seventh District It’s practically impossible to live in D.C and not get involved in politics. Most of DC’s urban professionals are politically active including those in my circle.  A friend of mine created a line of graphic tees properly called obamacare(s) with a positive message and […]

  • Take Us Forward Obama!

    Take Us Forward Obama!

    My grandmother shared this link with me today.  While my initial thought was “awww this is cute and cheesy” lol I really do appreciate the culturally diverse imagery and the warm fuzzy feeling it gives to consider Barack Obama IS GOING TO BE elected for another term! #claimit [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_d9mntKvGM’] I hope you smile and […]

  • President Obama: I have your back

    President Obama: I have your back

    “PRETTY BROWN GIRLS HAVE YOUR BACK!” — A budding T-shirt brand delivers a simple, yet powerful message — The “Pretty Brown Girl for Obama” T-shirt was designed by Sheri Crawley, CEO of Pretty Brown Girl, LLC. in Detroit, Michigan. Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — The Pretty Brown Girl (PBG) brand has been sparking excitement across the country […]

  • That’s MY first lady!

    That’s MY first lady!

    Michelle has such a positive aura about her! It radiates even through pictures! Rock The VOTE on November 6, 2012!!! NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell and former NFL Coach of the Year, Tony Dungy are in the background.         Rock The VOTE on November 6, 2012!!! http://www.nflrush.com/play60 

  • I love my President!

    I love my President!

    This right here! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6uHR90Sq6k[/youtube] Talk about smiling ear to ear on the ride to work wishing Rickey Smiley would play it back just ten more times! President Barack Obama is a man of high standards and moral values! A family man with integrity! It makes me *sideeye* when I hear such foul things flow so […]