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  • Style Diary: Tina

    Style Diary: Tina

    My name is Tina. I have a huge zeal for life and everything family oriented. I went natural in March 2010 looking for something new – I basically needed a “reset” in my life and chopping off my hair seemed reasonable enough at the time. I have learned to care for my hair and in […]

  • Love the Skin You’re In

    Love the Skin You’re In

    While perusing Instagram, I came across Erwin Chatelier’s page and instantly knew I wanted her style to be part of My Natural Reality! The fulfillment I get from being a makeup artist is beyond amazing. It’s my passion. It gives me a comforting feeling when I see my clients face light up as they look in the mirror. […]

  • Royal Tees (Daughter of the King)

    Royal Tees (Daughter of the King)

    Kimora Cochran wanted to create something that was just for/about Christ but also gave women confidence to express themselves and be who Christ called them to be! “It really started out as just one shirt, but evolved into an entire line, and now an entire business of its own! I praise GOD for his vision […]

  • Beef up your style for cheap

    Beef up your style for cheap

    10 Ways to Beef Up Your Style for $40 There comes a time in our lives when we need a change. Sometimes it’s drastic: a bold, cutting-edge hairstyle, a different job, or maybe even a move to a new city. Other times it’s as simple as adding a new item to our wardrobe. Well, I […]